"Clean, well-priced, friendly, english-speaking and fast. It's not a high-end spa but I went there for the first time and will be going back regularly. Has all the basic services one needs."

Donna Murray, Ottawa

I recommend to ALL!! Also, not that price matters when the service is amazing, because to me the good service matters most!! it was under $80.00 for a manicure, pedicure and eyebrow that includes tax...I tipped $15... Awesome Place.
I took the brochure, they also do Laser Hair Removal, Full Body Waxing & much more..."      

Kenneth Edwards

"I love the Ottawa Beauty Spa. I've gone a few times for a manicure, and have absolutely no complaints. The women here are lovely and very pleasant. It's very welcoming and clean. The manicure is $40, plus 25% off coupon. It lasts at least three weeks, and they give you a great little neck message and neck warmer, just really make my day there. It was quick and friendly service. Good price too - just add $17 for eyebrow and upper lip. All including Tax!

I typically call ahead to see if they have space, I highly recommend this place."       

Donna Phillips