Refreshing Hydrating Massage Facial (75 min)
this treatment gives the skin a feeling of freshness and vitality, which is 
intensified through the invigorating grapefruit fragrance. A highly 
concentrated moisturising complex leaves the skin soft and supple, the 
complexion glows and wrinkles are reduced.

Deep Exfoliating Facial (90 min)
This treatment active ingredients in subsequent skin care products are 
optimally absorbed and the texture of the skin is refined. The exfoliator 
gives a fresh and harmoniously smooth appearance.
Energising anti-stress Facial (75 Min)
This energising treatment helps to restore the natural balance of tired, 
stressed skin. Restructuring plankton cell and red algae extracts activate 
cell metabolism. Precious oils smooth the skin and refine its texture. The 
freshness and radiance of the complexion are increased.
Anti-Aging Intensive Facial (75 min)
This serum fights against wrinkles and fine lines in a targeted way and 
maximizes the lightening effect on the pigment stains. The plankton 
bioplasma acts as a "anti-ozone filter" and, combined with hyaluronic acid, 
opens the skin's water channels. The beneficial witch hazel and an extract 
of mint leaves provide an exceptional feeling of well-being.