Intense Pulsed Light is a multi-faceted technology that can offer a broad 
spectrum of treatments. Using a variety of refractive crystals, apply the 
science of light therapy to skin conditions. Each crystal is categorized by 
wavelength and depth of light penetration; providing the technician with a 
solid foundation from which to customize effective and safe results-driven 

Photo Rejuvenation Treatment
(full face) Fine Lines/Wringkles/Firming/Lifting/Toning/Skin Renewal
Acne Photo Clearance Treatment 
 Destroys Acne Bacteria/ Mild to Severe Acne
Vascular Lesion Treatment
Rosacea/Broken Capillaries/Spider Veins
Pigmentation Treatment 
 Brown Spots/Acne Pigment Scars/Pregnancy Mask


Permanent Hair Removal
 Using IPL+RF system, the latest and painless technologies gently and 
rapidly removes the hair by treating the root.
Small Areas
Bikini Line/Chin/Ears/Toes/Hands/Lip/Nape/Nose/Underarms
Medium Areas
Brazilian Bikini/Extended Bikini/Neck/Partial Beard/Shoulders/Half Face/Upper 
or Lower Arms
Large Areas
Abdomen/Chest/Full Arms/Upper or Lower Legs
 X-Large Areas
Full Back/Full Legs